Clinica Praxis


Diagnosis and treatment of patients with disc pathology by application of minimally invasive techniques



Muscle strengthening and improving the functioning of the body are fundamental for preventing or treating chronic diseases of the spine and osteoporosis.


Pain is a major public health problem, with chronic pain being the leading cause of suffering and disability worldwide.


Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bones particularly in old age and markedly in women.

Major Services

Spine Consult

The Praxis Clinic greatly values the consultation, an appropriate place to gather information about your doubts and relates them to physical examination findings and imaging tests.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the most modern methods of medical imaging, allowing detailed visualization of the interior of the human body.


Muscular Strengthening and improving body function are key to preventing or treating chronic spinal diseases and osteoporosis

Operating Room

It is in the operative block that the surgical interventions and percutaneous treatments are performed. It is a place with high technology that ensures your safety throughout the procedure.

For more than 30 years, the Praxis Clinic has been a health unit for the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine, serving as the basis for the Center for Discal Surgery.

A clinic equipped with operating rooms, inpatient rooms, and magnetic resonance equipment.

Assuring the collaboration of internationally recognized column surgery specialists, it establishes itself as an International Spine Center.

Endoscopic Discotomy

A technique performed in local anesthesia that consists of approaching the herniated disc through a canal/tube introduced by a very small cut in the skin.

Microsurgical Discotomy

It is an open procedure, used in certain cases of disc fragmentation.


Consists of strengthening the natural ligaments that join the vertebrae

Spinal Fusion

Fixation of two or more vertebrae by means of titanium instrumentation and / or bone graft.

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